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Beattie's Luck Runs Out in Iowa

28 MAY 03 - Amanda Brahler

Cedar Rapids, IA — JC Beattie and his ATI Performance Products Racing team were riding high following their ninth place run at Lanier in late April. After taking a few weeks off, the ASA Racing Series headed to Toledo, OH and then off to Cedar Rapids, IA for back to back weekends of racing.

Although Beattie and team ran well at the Georgia track Lanier, they had quite a struggle on their hands throughout the event. Beattie had to battle problems with the steering. As the team prepared the car for Toledo, the steering continued to trick the ATI bunch and carried on through Iowa before the team finally got things straightened out in time for the Iowa 300.

"We even tested at Toledo and still could not figure out what was wrong," Beattie said of the elusive problem. "Finally we ended up replacing everything but the steering wheel and the nut behind it."

As far as the event at Toledo, Beattie was able to stay out of trouble and drove the #09 Monte Carlo to a strong 13th place finish. The race however was far from smooth sailing as the ongoing steering problem continued. "We didn't know what to expect with the steering trouble and we knew we did not have anything to race with so we were in finish mode. That paid off well for us," Beattie said of his run in the Glass City 300.

Things never seem to come easy for the ATI Racing team and they ended up being scored at 16th rather then in the 13th spot following the event. "ASA finally reversed that error this weekend and we will get our 12 points back. If that had all been fixed at Toledo, we would have went into Iowa 10th in points," Beattie said of the mix-up.

Beattie and the Baltimore based team were ready to race toward another strong finish in the Iowa 300 at Hawkeye Downs. But luck just wasn't on their side. After starting 23rd Beattie was doing a great job of moving up through the field and within the first 50 laps had climbed as high as 14th.

Unfortunately Beattie's luck ended on a sour note as he attempted to pass the #04 of John Dalziel on lap 56. Beattie had nowhere to go and the #09 suffered severe front end damage knocking the team out of contention.

With the misfortune and a 33rd place finish for the ATI team, Beattie stays positive and is ready for the series' next event in Missouri. "We will stay focused, get the car fixed and head into the last half of the season on a charge," Beattie said.

The next stop for J.C. Beattie, Jr., his ATI Racing team and the entire ASA Series is on June 14th at the I-70 Speedway in Odessa, Missouri. The race will be aired live on SPEED at 9PM.

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